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petrichor-plumes whispered, "Who is your favorite characters in the comic (male and female) and why? I'd love to discuss the comics with someone on tumblr!!"

I haven’t read the newest comics (I’ve stopped on 104 I think? Also, I really have to get to updating this blog more! I’ve let you guys down!), but so far, my favorite female character has got to be Andrea.

This woman is badass—she survived her sister dying, her love interest dying, the twins she took under her wing dying, her friends dying, and very nearly losing everything else, and she’s become someone stronger for it. She watched some pretty gruesome things happen and (to my knowledge), she’s lived to talk about it. She sat by Dale’s bedside before his death. She knows how to talk things through to Rick. And she’s a badass sniper.

Andrea was also physically assaulted, and she wears those scars proudly. But she’s also human, and she’s a woman, and I know from my own personal experience that when my face got scarred for a while I was scared to even show it to my family. But she grew from her facial scarring, and it’s become her. A new her. I love her character growth, and through that scarring, it’s not only a physical reminder of what she’s become, but a reminder, too, that mentally she’s scarred, but that won’t stop her.

There might be other reasons why I love Andrea, but I’d need to reread the comics (again) in order to fully pinpoint everything. :D

As for the male favorite character… I’ve got to say Dale. He was my favorite in the comics, and he was my favorite in the television series. (We won’t talk about how the tv series screwed Andrea or Dale).

Dale is a kind guy. He’s the kind of guy that I don’t think would survive alone in an apocalyptic situation, which is good, seeing as he’s a part of Rick’s group. And he loved his RV. Best part about the guy that wasn’t anything mental-related was his love for that darned RV. It lasted ten times longer in the comic than in the show (and so did he, for that matter). He also kept Andrea straight during their stay in the prison.

The fact that Dale could still be useful after his little zombie accident shows that a) the writers could make flipping good characters and b) Dale changed just as much as Andrea did. Sure, he wasn’t a good sharpshooter like she was, but he was a good handyman, and even in the comics he had a sort of heart that kept the group together. Plus, who could forget his hat?

The Walking Dead - From Page To Screen
Amy gets bitten.
Episode: 1x04 | Vol 1: Issue #5

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pretty sure this panel sums up the entire series


pretty sure this panel sums up the entire series

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